One of the reasons someone would go to Arizona is to experience the amazing rock formations.  Sedona is one of the most beautiful natural landscapes I have ever seen.  You don’t have to travel too far to find one amazing wonder after another.

My favourite was The Devil’s Bridge.  Getting to this bridge was very interesting.  Not really difficult to hike, however some may find the final approach a little intimidating.  The hike itself seemed to offer quite a few points of interest.  It was a journey that kept giving, adding a little more after each.  The bridge itself is not visible at the beginning of hike, however it presents itself about near the end.  Once you get close, you do have to climb a little bit.  It can be quite vertical.  I do recommend wearing hiking shoes and gloves.  And make sure you take a back-pack.  You will need it to store you camera while using both hands to reach the bridge.  Upon first seeing the bridge, it looks a little scary.  It does seem a little narrow. However, once you are on the actual site, the width is pretty wide.

We took a different trail back to the car which was nice.  A little longer, but we were lucky enough to see a deer in the distance.  We didn’t really get a good look at it, as it ran off as soon as it notices us.

Don’t miss this site, as it is spectacular.  As mentioned there are two different trails to the bridge, and I would suggest taking both. The scenery is quite beautiful and you will find other hikers eager to wave and share their experience.


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