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There are so many ways Red Rover can help.  The benefits are endless.

Why Outsource?

Less Administration

Less Training

Better organization

More face to face with clients = more $$$

Why Not Do My Own Hiring?

No combing through resumes

Doing interviews

Lots of training and retraining

Painful payroll taxes etc...

Why Hire a Part Time Assistant?

You don’t need a full time assistant

Only pay for the hours you truly require

So you don’t have to share

Why Choose Red Rover

We hire local experienced professionals

Proper support from an entire team tailor matched to you

100% tax deductible

  • Red Rover has been exactly what my business needed. My Rover Breanna is dependable, thorough, kind, and always there for me when I need her. I couldn't see myself without... read more

    Christina Deligiannis | Realtor

    I have been using Red Rover for a few years. They are always quick to respond and they do everything in their power to assist. I usually end up connecting... read more

    Samantha Wallace

    Red Rover has helped us with property checks, every Rover they have matched us with has has done an amazing job every time. Both Rovers we used had a high... read more

    Elise Weissenberger

    I have been using Red Rover since inception. I Enjoy working with their team of professionals to assist and complete extra work load. Great dealing with Shawna and Team. Reece!

    Brian Reece
  • Such a fabulous company and great customer service. They have always provided prompt service & ongoing communication so I am never left in the dark! Such a wonderful company! Highly... read more

    Laura Bellisario

    Red Rover, your professionalism, support, and prompt response allows me to provide the best possible service to my clients and I get to focus on the areas that need me... read more

    Margaret Gibson

    Thank you for all the support in handling my requests from 8 hours away.

    N Erbil

    Red Rover has always taken great care of my clients when I am unable to be there. Reliable, responsive, and trust worthy. Always 5 star service. Thank you!

    Sandi De Camargo
  • Wow! What a team! They make things so easy. Very professional, experienced and efficient. I could trust that they would always deliver the services I needed allowing me to focus... read more

    Eileen Savage

    I had such an amazing experience dealing with Red Rover, Shaina truly is a wonder. Dee is always there when I need her to do something for one of my... read more

    Paul Lapas

    Great service, great people....SUPER HELPFUL always!

    Bobby Pasternak

    Red Rover is always there when you need them. Knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and cost effective !! What more could one ask for? Alan Dalquen

    Adalquen Wpf
  • We've worked with Red Rover for a number of years and have found them to be excellent for our needs. Our admin support from them is fantastic and we couldn't... read more

    The Christine Cowern Real Estate Team

    Erin, Shana and the entire team at Red Rover are amazing! They are truly there to help and it is really nice to have the flexibility. I have had 2... read more

    Sandy Chen

    I have had the opportunity to use Red Rover on several occasions My clients and I are very happy with their service I really appreciate knowing... read more

    Barb Blaser & Janet Nielsen

    There is nothing more comforting than knowing when you are pressed for time OR want to spend much needed and deserved time with family and friends OR want to enjoy... read more

    Harvey Malinsky
  • I've been working with Red Rover for over a year, and I can honestly say, this company gets it done. A wide variety of services that allow me to... read more

    DeeJ Alex

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We've Got You Covered

A rover works as part of your team to help with daily admin or road work to free up your valuable time. A rover is a cost-effective way to get the added support you require.  So use us as much or as little as you need. We are licensed and unlicensed Real Estate Professionals. We only use local people. We do not outsource overseas.

Address : Ontario

Phone : 1-855-733-7683

Email : contact@CallRedRover.com

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