A mecca of Fashion, Cuisine and Architecture
Milan was an afterthought.  We decided on this stop over before we headed to Iceland.  One of the reasons for this stop was my travel partner wanted to purchase an item from Prada.  And what better place to purchase than Milan. For me, Milan was not a huge hit.  I personally am not one who appreciated designer wares.  I like to spend my money elsewhere.  Our first stop was Duomo di Milano.  We didn’t not go inside, as we were in shorts, and I was wearing a hat, besides there was a huge line up to get in.  Instead we ventured into the shopping plaza.  While I am not one to shop in such a venue, I did find it amazing.  The stain glass ceiling, the marble floors, the hustle and the bustle, it was clear this was a major tourist attraction.  Prada, Gucci, Luis Vuitton were among the many shops, which were filled with shoppers from all over the world.  This was a modern shopping venue with a classic architectural flair. When we think of trolley cars, we often think of San Fransisco.  However Milan should also come to mind.  These beautifully restored and maintained vehicles pass through the city with grace.  I certainly recommend a trip on one of these trolleys.  They are beautiful.
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